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The SafeKey Pro does not only protect your accounts, it also helps you to protect and backup your secret and sensitive data.

SafeKey Pro is the ultimate solution for protecting your online accounts against hacks and phishing attacks. This advanced device acts as a physical security layer and applies stronger two-factor authentication for secure logins. With its touch of a button and passwordless login feature, you can easily and securely access your accounts without relying on weak passwords.

Additionally, the SafeKey Pro features custom internal storage for secure storage of encrypted backups and inheritance plans via Unique in this world.

Compatible with

SafeKey Pro offer secure logins to

  • Social Media
  • Crypto Exchanges
  • Webmail
  • Cloud Storage
  • Software
  • Apps
  • ...

SafeKey Pro also helps you to protect and control your sensitive data like

  • Personal identification information
  • Financial account details
  • Passwords and logins
  • Cryptocurrency wallet information
  • Social media account information
  • Communication and message history
  • Digital assets and property information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Personal notes and journals
  • Contact information for friends and family
  • Personal preferences and setting
  • Personal identification numbers (PIN)
  • Financial records and transactions
  • Customer and client information
  • Sales and marketing data
  • Employee information and records
  • Business plans and strategies
  • Intellectual property and trade secrets
  • Supply chain and logistics data
  • Business contacts and network information
  • Business registration and legal documents
  • ...

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